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Zaka Rum Collection MAURITIUS 7 y.o.

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Zaka Rum Collection is a range of unique and rare reinforce single estate rums
crafted in the beautiful rum making territories and finest reserves of the world.
After Aging in French and American oak barrels to mature, while respecting
each island and country rum traditions, the rich, intriguingly fruity and robust oak
notes express themselves. Every matured rum batch is individually numbered
and carefully watched over, each selected rum barrel has extraordinary
consistency and character from the intense marrying period, and a warming,
distinguished finish. A truly exceptional Single Estate Aged rum.

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the cultural melting pot
The history of rum in Mauritius is closely linked to the development of the
sugarcane industry on the island. The Dutch were not only known as the first
settlers but also those who have planted sugarcane imported from Java in 1639,
then produced the first “eaux de vie decanne” in 1694.
The French arrived on the island in 1715 and created the first distillery in 1740. At
that time, the rum was called Arak, a Creole term still used by some Mauritians to
describe alcoholic drinks. Then, they introduced the Batavia sugarcane, which is
more resistant and ideal for volcanic soils and the tropical climate of Mauritius.
At that time, rum was closely related to the celebrations and dances that formed,
among slaves and peasants, the ritual of beginning and ending of harvest. The
term Zaka also means “give, share”, which is particularly true for Mauritians
known for their sense of hospitality and generosity. Workers from India, Africa or
Asia who have all worked on the plantations also had great respect for the land
and its produce. The fusionof cultures has always represented Mauritius’ identity
and is portrayed in ZakaMauritius Rum.
• Subtle and floral
• Elegance and exoticism
• Zaka Mauritius is a perfect example of rum from Mauritius that is both
voluptuous, sweet and fruity.
• Distilled between 2009 and 2012, this vintage is a blend of pot still (pure
cane juice) and column (traditional rums). Aged between 7 and 10 years in
French and American oak barrels
• Citrus notes, candied fruits and vanilla.
Nose: Dry, a blend of olive aromas, cooked caramel, sweet spices and a touch of
Taste: Peach, pepper and alcohol, floral note (rose and jasmine), pastry side
Finale: Fruity, jasmine

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