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Gin is made from a neutral spirit that has been flavoured through a secondary distillation or by infusion with juniper, along with a blend of other botanicals such as coriander, citrus peel, orris root, liquorice, angelica and star anise.
Traditionally, juniper is the dominant flavour. However, with the explosion of new gins on the market, there has been a move towards more contemporary styles that have other flavours and aromas coming to the fore – although juniper remains an essential ingredient.
Classic Gin should have a clean base spirit with a neutral flavour that allows the distilled flavours of the botanicalsto come through. The gin is juniper-forward and other common botanicals include angelica root, coriander seed, orris root and citrus peel.
Made without distilling any botanicals. Instead, the gin is made through means of maceration or infusion with fresh botanicals, or the use of essences.
Gins with flavour profiles where juniper is still discernible, but other flavours such as citrus, spice and floral notes are more prominent than in a Classic Gin. Contemporary Gin is a catch-all term for gins described as “New-Wave”, “New Western”, “New American Dry”, etc.
Gin that has been flavoured with fruit or another botanicals, typically via infusion or maceration, and may be sweetened. It must be bottled at a minimum of 37.5% ABV. This category includes flavoured versions of gins from other categories, e.g. Navy or Old Tom.
Produced in Belgium and the Netherlands and has regional protected origin status. Dating back to the 18th century, this is the ancestor to gin. There are three main types of jenever: jonge (young), oude (old), and korenwijn (corn wine). It is a blend of malt-wine (a double-distilled mixture of rye, wheat and corn) and neutral spirit with the addition
of botanicals, most notably juniper, which gave the drink its name.
Juniper-forward, traditional-style gins made using the London Gin production technique: all flavours must be imparted via distillation, with only water and neutral spirit to be added after distillation.
Gin that has been matured in or with wood, including barrels, chips or staves.
Any gin bottled between 57% and 58% ABV.
Gin produced to replicate the historical style of Old Tom; either botanically intense, sugar-sweetened or botanically sweetened.
Distilled gins that focus on a particular botanical or flavour and prominently state this on their label. Flavored exclusively through distillation, these spirits still have juniper as a key focus, but have an additional focus on the signature component.
A red liqueur made with gin and sloes between 15% and 30% ABV. Traditionally made by soaking sloes in gin.

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