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Brandy is a spirit produced the world over, and from many different raw ingredients, not just grape or apple wines. It can be made from other fruits, including pomace or marc (the leftover grape pulp after winemaking), as well as molasses and various grains.
The base ingredients are fermented and filtered into a liquid or wine prior to distillation, which is usually done twice in a traditional copper pot still, although a column still is sometimes used for a continuous distillation process.
After distillation, the unaged brandy is placed into oak barrels to mature. Some brandies, particularly those from Spain, are aged using the solera system – a form of fractional blending transferring the liquid from barrel to barrel so that the finished product is a mixture of ages.
Brandy made from apples or cider.
Additional flavouring has been added to the base brandy, such as fruit liqueurs.
Brandy or schnapps made from fruit other than grapes and apples, such as peaches, apricots, plums, berries, or a combination that may include a portion of apples or grapes.
Made without wine, grapes, apples or other fruits, but from grain or molasses.
Distilled from pomace that is left over from wine making, after the grapes are pressed.
Wine brandy, ordered by age: two to three years; four to five years; extra old (whereby the youngest eau-de-vie in the blend is at least six years old); solera aged; and unaged
(the clear spirit).

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