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ATTIKI Island Thyme honey tin cans 455 gr



ATTIKI Island Thyme honey
ATTIKI Greek Island Thyme Honey is a very special thyme honey from the beehives of the Aegean islands. Its characteristic aroma and flavour will transport you to the landscapes of the Greek islands. Enjoy this unique sweet experience, brought to you with care by the ATTIKI-PITTAS company.

Greek honey contains minerals and trace elements, necessary for the body’s balance, from bone strength to metabolism. It is also an ideal sweetener for a healthy diet, with an exceptional concentration of antioxidant, antimicrobial and cell-protective properties, and it is also beneficial for the digestive tract.

Greek honey is even more valuable for one more major reason: it is significantly superior in flavour, aroma and density to the honeys of other countries, thanks to the strong sun, the terrain and the unique Greek flora. Only in Greece can one find 1300 endemic plants, an extraordinary variety of flowers, herbs and trees that give the honey its unsurpassed quality and

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