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Canadian Club 1,0 ltr Canadian whiskey

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Canadian Club is a brand of Canadian whisky produced by Beam Suntory. Popularly known as CC, Canadian Club was created by Hiram Walker and Sons, an evolution of a brand around a product that took place over the second half of the nineteenth century.

lagship whisky is where most folks begin their whisky journey. This is the one that started the legend. A giant of Canadian whisky since 1858, it’s aged longer than the 3 years required by law in oak barrels before bottling for the smoothest possible flavour.

Refreshing and Smooth

Bright gold

Fresh and soft, with an almond nuttiness, hint of peppery spice

Spicy and zesty, complimented with hints of rich oak and sweet vanilla, pleasant sweetness

Clean, dry and lingering with subtle oak

40% alc./vol. 80 proof

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