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Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Holy Monastery of AGARANTHOS

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Holy Monastery of Agarathos. With nutritional labeling on the package, and certification of origin, the extra virgin olive oil will be an essential ingredient for your Mediterranean recipes!
Net weight: 500ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil by the Holy Monastery of Agarathos: produced with the method of cold extraction in the modernized mill fo the Holy Monastery. The monks produce 100% Greek, pure olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. They use the fruit of a special kind of olives, called “koroneiki”. The Koroneiki variation indicates an olive oil of great quality, rich flavour and bright colour.

The value and the impact of the extrav irgin olive oil for our ammune system and body is great, thanks to the high concentration of the monounsaturated fats. Furthermore, the proccess used for the production, the Cold Extraction” enhance the benefits of its consumption. Use it in your recipes in kitchen and bakery. You can also create unique traditional therapeutic therapies with an olive oil base.

The method of “COLD EXTRACTION”
Which is the importance of using the cold extraction process? The olive oil is has the label “cold extraction” on its bottle. This sign is used only for extra virgin or virgin olive oil obtained at less than 27 ° C by percolation or centrifugation of the olive paste. The nutritional value for our health is numerous.

Maintain the olive oil in cool and dry place. The olive oil losses it’s brightness at low temperatures, but when placed back to room, it returns ot is initial appearance. It does not affect its quality.

The special metal packaging -with safety cap, gives even more freshness, and practical usage.

Origin: Holy Monastery of Agarathos
Net weight: 500ml

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